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Clarisonic – Taking your morning cleanse to a whole new level.


I’ve had my eye on the Clarisonic cleansing brushes for a while now. Whilst the system has received rave reviews I found it slightly *very* challenging to understand how an oscillating brush could cater to my rather sensitive skin. However, I gave in, thought it was time to give it a whirl and lets just say it was a bloody marvelous idea.


There are three nifty little speed settings for varying levels of cleansing, you know, depending on how *ahem* dirty you’re feeling. Speed 1 is perfect for a gentle daily clean for even the most sensitive of skins whilst speed 2 is suitable for all skin types and offers up to six times better cleansing that using hands alone. Speed 3 is a handy function for when you need that extra little boost of clean, providing the power to loosen and remove set-in debris; quite the perfect pick me up for skin after a day of heavy make up or a night out.

Whilst the Aria can be used to remove make up, it’s advised to remove eye make up before applying a layer of cleansing cream to damp skin and moistening the brush slightly before using it on the skin. It’s recommended to use the system for a minute each day, 20 seconds on the forehead, 20 seconds on the nose and chin and 10 seconds on each cheek, with the device helpfully beeping between each lapse of time using an in built timer. The feeling of fresh skin was instantaneous, giving a level squeaky cleanliness usually only achieved through a facial. The beauty of such a deep cleanse is that your products then sink so easily into the skin. The hyper clean leaves the skin even and prime for any post cleanse products; my evening serum absorbs perfectly, as did does moisturiser, leaving my face feeling super hydrated, as well as super clean. You wouldn’t quite believe the difference a perfectly cleansed face can make to your complexion, giving a hint of luminosity and clarity that no one can quite put their finger on, making the Clarisonic a must have in my beauty arsenal.bd3bae3c9fcc5a7e7bac231679341707


Chanel Perfection Lumière Foundation

Chanel Perfection Lumière Fluid foundation ANCHOR 1

Finding a good foundation is akin to the holy grail of makeup. It’s generally acknowledged that the crème de la crème of foundations are developed are Italian or French made, with Giorgio Armani and Chanel at the forefront for the best formulations.

Chanel’s Vitalumière has long held a devout following for it’s hydrating, light yet long lasting formula and Perfection Lumière is a fabulous addition to their repertoire. Whilst dewy skin looks beautiful in photographs and on the runaway, we’ve always found that a matte finish is a lot more practical and flattering for every day life. The difficulty however has always been finding the fine balance between a matte finish and one that appears drying or cakey after a few hours.

Perfection Lumière’s, which offers a satin matte finish, is our ultimate long last foundation. The formula is surprisingly fluid for a mattifying product and as it’s so finely milled, it effortlessly glides on to the skin. The broad range of skin tones ensures the closest to perfect match we’ve ever found for our complexions and the formulation blends beautifully into the face.

We found that a little goes a long way, with a 30ml bottle lasting almost 5months and the lightness of the foundation means you’re able to seamlessly build up more coverage should you need it. Whilst we would recommend using a concealer for to hide any spots and a little translucent powder across the forehead and nose, the coverage is great for evening out skin tone and the leaving a smooth, shine free finish. Most impressive, we found, is the staying power; the light velvet finish easily lasts 10 hours and remains fresh looking without fading. Perfect to last you through your working day and into your evening.