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Sunday Reading – Getting Festive

Just incase you’ve over indulged on Christmas television a smidge too soon, it’s always a good idea to read something. The bloggersphere is awash with fabulous Christmassy things to read this weekend so why not grab a giant gingerbread latte and pore over our favourites.


Liberty London Girl, aka Sasha Wilkins knows a thing or two about hosting a party. Her cookbook Friends, Food, Family is an absolute favourite and so when she writes about recpies, liquid or otherwise you know they’ll be delicious. Just in time for the festive season she’s written a post in collaboration with Campari for the ultimate festive cocktails.


Christmas means red nails, obviously, but if you’re of the camp that can barely last a cab ride without chipping a nail then perhaps you need a little help. Into the Gloss have you covered with their top tips for the perfect red manicure.


Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can sing along to Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” before someone hits you in the back of the head. Avoid inter office violence by following Ella Gregory’s (of Coco’s Tea Party) festive playlist and save everyones bleeding ears from another chorus of Feliz Navidad.


If you’ve ever been tempted to decorate your hair with tinsel or worse, reindeer antlers (why, just why?) then give yourself a stern talking to and read Get The Gloss’s fabulous post on wearing hair accessories like a grown up. There’s plenty of pretty ways to decorate your tresses, none of them reminiscent of primary school. Grown up’s do not wear tinsel ok. OK!


FACT – Mince Pies are the best thing ever! But refined sugar, not so much. Whilst we’ll obviously be saving the luxurious full of fat and sugar but who cares because they’re so damn tasty versions for Dec 25th, this recipe for healthier versions from Natasha Coren at Honestly Healthy will keep us guilt free and gluttonous for the rest of the month. Yum!


5 Things You Need Right Now – Keeping Cosy

Let’s face it, ever since the clocks have gone back things have been bloody miserable. The rain is never ending, it’s always dark and a decent blow dry doesn’t stand a chance in hell of still looking fabulous the second you step out of the salon. They are dark times indeed, so lets drown our sorrows in pretty things. And gin.

1. Apparently winter is now so unbearable that fashion designers have deemed it acceptable to venture out wearing a blanket. So go ahead, you have permission.

Checked Blanket Coat from, £90.

Checked Blanket Coat from, £90.

Checked Blanket Coat from, £90.

2. Log fires are comforting but if you try and build one on your desk you might raise a few eyebrows. Instead, burn this Diptyque candle to add a touch of cosiness and a little chic to your desk. And if you get real close it’s like a teeny tiny fireplace. But don’t catch fire, it won’t be pleasant.

Sapin Scented Candle from, £48

Sapin Scented Candle from, £48

Sapin Scented Candle from, £48

3. I’m English, I love tea. Are you shocked? Probably not. But what might surprise you is that Ted Baker, beloved purveyor of very pretty dresses is very pretty prints have turned their hands to crockery. It’s bloody random but this tea set is SO pretty. Perfect for that 3pm Earl Grey.

Azurine Tea Set from, £77.50

Azurine Tea Set from, £77.50

Azurine Tea Set from, £77.50

4. Dressing for warmth needn’t mean you succumb to practicality. Bernstock Speirs rein supreme when it comes to quirky hats and whilst their fabulous veil beanie has spurned a hundred knock offs, the original is still my favourite. This style has little pearls flecked in the veil, which I love because pearls are ALWAYS a good idea. 

Pearl Veil Beanie from, £120

Pearl Veil Beanie from, £120

Pearl Veil Beanie from, £120

5. In times of need Jeremy Scott can always be relied upon to elicit a smile or two. This ‘Dry Clean Only’ sweater will keep things toasty without compromising on wit. Perfect really. The real twist, it’s actually hand wash only, the cheeky bugger!

Moschino Dry Clean Only Sweater from, £340

Moschino Dry Clean Only Sweater from, £340

Moschino Dry Clean Only Sweater from, £340

NYFW – The Best of The Best

I had a lot of thought’s about New York Fashion Week, not all of them good! An overcrowded schedule, too many similar and overly commercial collections and the spawn of Kim and Kanye causing front row drama (could someone please explain to the Mr & Mrs West that a toddler is not an accessory!) meant that the real fashion almost took a backseat. However, there were a few stand out pieces that had my heart all a flutter – check out my full review of the best of the best at NYFW over at The BIte Mag here.

Donna Karan ALWAYS brings it and this season was no exception. Elevating the working woman’s wardrobe one beautifully cut skirt at a time.


Marc Jacob can of course, always be trusted to deliver theatrics. Ultra feminine silhouettes offset with masculine fabrics and some seriously hideous makeup (ugly pretty is, sadly still a thing)!


Every season there’s always one show that everyone waits for with bated breath and this years was undoubtedly Peter Copping’s debut at Oscar De La Renta. Beautifully rendered, well cut and true to the brand, it was a stunning debut.

oscar 2 oscar1

The Knit List – Is it spring yet?

Winter, I’m bloody well done with you! Post Christmas, the cold goes from whimsical to damned insufferable and my wardrobe is just not cut out for the cold. I adore a cashmere sweater as much as any wasp worth her pearls but I feel it’s time for a little spring splendidness and there’s nothing quite so spring as pastels. Not exactly ground breaking but damn it if they don’t put a smile on your face.

 This ruffled beauty from Sonia by Sonia Rykiel is the sort of saccharine knitwear my winter wardrobe dreams of. SO so divine, I would go all out and pair this with a full leather skirt and pink lips for a subversive girly twist.


A little lemony freshness goes a long way on grey days Topshop have definitely injected a dose of sunshine into this white knit with a crocheted yellow overlay. The perfect partner to pretty up a a pair of jeans and boots.


Cable knits are definitely a cold weather essential but you can firmly stow memories of lumpy, baggy numbers to the back of your mind as there are a plenty of super fine, luxe available to keep you cosy and chic. This powder blue beauty from Needle would be perfect with a pleated midi skirt for a stylish play on textures.


Yes, more yellow (What can I say, I’m drawn to sunshine)! Whistles have long been a go to for knitwear – it’s always suitably luxurious without the added price tag and they always have the little details (such as this shoulder zip) that elevate a simple piece to something delightfully special. Wouldn’t this work a treat paired with a pencil skirt and a statement necklace.


I love love LOVE this Michaela Buerger jumper. Hand spun in a cotton & cashmere blend, each piece is completely unique and finished with some darling crochet detailing at the hem and crystal embellishment at the shoulders. Thrown on with a pair of cigarette trousers, bright pumps and a wide brimmed hat for a quirky yet chic ensemble.


The Lust List

I definitely, definitely need this bag in my life. Like I need oxygen. Possibly even more than that. 

Italian-Brazilian designer Paula Cademartori designs these beautifully detailed and intricate yet functional pieces, that are created to just be cherished. The flamboyant mix of colours will catch your eye but the exceptional italian craftsmanship will ensure that you’ll never want to take your eyes off it. Need it, want it, must have it!


From Me to Moi

As Valentines Day approaches my inbox is positively buckling under emails flogging anything vaguely pink, red or heart shaped in the name of romance. Here’s the thing though, I’m not exactly all a dither over the prospect of glitzy pink tat – so here’s my very own, tastefully (and lustfully) curated wish list of pink, red and heart shaped things. I fully intend to reclaim the holiday in the name of gorgeous accessories and will be lavishly gifting myself – because there’s no love like the love a lady shares with her wardrobe!

These red lace Dolce & Gabbana boots are the very definition of LUST.


OK so I know the whole LOVE keychain, ring, etc. thing exploded post the SATC movie but this beauty from Wonderluk is actually printed via a 3D printer. And it’s rose gold. Bloody amazing basically and I want want want it!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 21.21.54

And this Lulu Guinness clutch – because red lips work beautifully for more than just your pout.


The Couture Cape

Capes, are no longer the stalwart of superhero’s, if this weeks Couture offerings are anything to go by. Now whilst I can’t deny that Christian Bales ‘Batman’ oozes panache, I’m not usually moved to borrow from his wardrobe. Capes, whilst directional in theory, rarely translate on any type of female figure, rendering what was undoubtedly a super chic ensemble in your head look more tent like than trendy.

But after consuming show after show this Couture week, it’s evident that the cape is set to receive quite the makeover, having been rendered beautifully on the catwalks of Ralph & Russo, Valentino, Giambattista Valli and Zuhair Murad. These beauties firmly kick Little Red Riding Hoods crimson cover up to the kerb; there’s a new statement to make and it’s all about delicacy.


Valentino offered both gentle and moody florals, contrasting a sheer chiffon overlay, scattered with hand crafter buds, with a darker, deep red number over an embroidered column dress. The floral theme continued over at Ralph & Russo, with their opalescent, ‘new look’ throwback dress & cape combo causing serious palpitations. This is one ensemble worth re-mortgaging the house for – perfect for frolicking no?

cape 2

Giambattista Valli offered lashings of frothy fur whist Zuhair Murad contrasted lace and beadwork with powerfully sensual silhouettes, firmly establishing the type of mindset a cape demands. Whilst the floral themes were abundant, this isn’t a trend for wallflowers – swagger is essential! The Couture shows are always a wonderful little precursor to what we can expect come Fashion Month and I am pretty damn excited to see how my favourite couturiers develop the cape silhouette for their Pret-a-Porter collections this February.