Sunday Reading – Getting Festive

Just incase you’ve over indulged on Christmas television a smidge too soon, it’s always a good idea to read something. The bloggersphere is awash with fabulous Christmassy things to read this weekend so why not grab a giant gingerbread latte and pore over our favourites.


Liberty London Girl, aka Sasha Wilkins knows a thing or two about hosting a party. Her cookbook Friends, Food, Family is an absolute favourite and so when she writes about recpies, liquid or otherwise you know they’ll be delicious. Just in time for the festive season she’s written a post in collaboration with Campari for the ultimate festive cocktails.


Christmas means red nails, obviously, but if you’re of the camp that can barely last a cab ride without chipping a nail then perhaps you need a little help. Into the Gloss have you covered with their top tips for the perfect red manicure.


Let’s face it, there’s only so many times you can sing along to Mariah’s “All I Want For Christmas” before someone hits you in the back of the head. Avoid inter office violence by following Ella Gregory’s (of Coco’s Tea Party) festive playlist and save everyones bleeding ears from another chorus of Feliz Navidad.


If you’ve ever been tempted to decorate your hair with tinsel or worse, reindeer antlers (why, just why?) then give yourself a stern talking to and read Get The Gloss’s fabulous post on wearing hair accessories like a grown up. There’s plenty of pretty ways to decorate your tresses, none of them reminiscent of primary school. Grown up’s do not wear tinsel ok. OK!


FACT – Mince Pies are the best thing ever! But refined sugar, not so much. Whilst we’ll obviously be saving the luxurious full of fat and sugar but who cares because they’re so damn tasty versions for Dec 25th, this recipe for healthier versions from Natasha Coren at Honestly Healthy will keep us guilt free and gluttonous for the rest of the month. Yum!


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