Golden Globes ‘Style’

Is it me, or was the Golden Globe style a little ‘meh’ this year. Beautiful dresses were plentiful, but nothing really caught my eye in the ‘I am sensational, look at me now,’ way that one would hope when all of Tinsletown’s beauties flock to the red carpet. With newspaper and magazine columns so mocking of the those they deem having gotten it wrong, it’s no surprise that the stylists of Hollywoods finest are hiding beneath the folds of a full chiffon skirt, lest they incur the wrath of the ‘worst dressed’ pollers. But It’s sad – dressing up to the nines is as much about experimenting as it is about glamour and really, with some of the worlds most talented designers at your disposal, why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to wear something audacious, fantastical and over the top. Red carpets were most definitely made for pea cocking!

There were a couple ladies who had me all a dither over their bold choices. Jennifer Lopez definitely brought the golden age glamour in her bedazzled Zuhair Murad caped gown and frankly I could’ve gawped at her all evening (not that I did, that would be weird). Amy Phoeler looked super chic and demure in a simple Stella McCartney column gown, proving how enticing simplicity can when paired with a punch of nonchalance. (It’s the pockets that did it I think, I’m obsessed with pockets! All clothes should have them, for the nonchalance giving properties they so fabulously display here.) And Amelia Warner – just bloody beautiful. Glamorous, different and accompanied by Jamie Dornan, she was exquisite in every way. I’m practically drooling into my keyboard…

golden globes



  1. But did you see JLo’s makeup?! It was horrible 😧 I think nude lips should be banned. I think that whole darker forehead thing should be banned too. Lets move on people! Enough of the wierdly contoured faces already!

    But totally agree that the Globes were soooo meh this year. 😴😴

    1. Agree, the makeup was not great – when you’re face is already so contoured all the tricks just seems a little ageing and dated right.. But the dress, how divine was the dress..

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