Sparkle Like Everyone’s Watching.

There’s something a little naughty about wearing sparkles during the day. Like eating chocolate for breakfast, the festive season is the perfect time to break the rules and indulge in the inappropriate. My adored Chanel brooch has been enjoying many a breakfast meeting over the last few weeks and slowly but surely, the sparkles have been creeping onto my wrists, my ears and snaking around my neck. Because really, why should engagement rings have all the fun – diamonds are not just for dinner time!

If pulling the gemstones out of the safe feels a little devil may care for your day to day commute then fear not. There’s an abundance of palpation inducing costume jewellery available at this time of year just yearning to adorn your fair self. Go on, give in, be sparkly.

Here are a few that are making me gleeful right now.

Kenneth Jay Lane wants to be wrapped around me neck – that’s what this beauty is telling me anyhow.


The late Oscar De La Renta was the authority making women sparkle. Additional sparkles optional (read: necessary).


And then there’s Tiffany.. Obviously.. *Sigh*



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