The New Year

Something about the approach into September, despite many years having passed since I was at school, feels like the beginning of the year for me. A fresh start, a new ‘term’ and a whole host of sartorial possibilities as the sun sets and autumn starts to take hold. As the bank holiday weekend comes to a close, *cries*, the approach to ‘the new year’ is set and it seems the perfect time to make plans, resolutions and set goals.

Having come not long after my 25th birthday, this autumn coincides quite nicely with my sartorial quarter life crisis. My youthful, rather saccharine wardrobe suddenly feels out of place and so it’s been a resolution of this new year to add a grown up polish to an overtly feminine aesthetic.

Cutting my waist length hair to a choppy shoulder length was the first step and a cleansing of my wardrobes will follow. After all, there is always room for new clothes and a new sense of style.7d4440ade7f0546621e5e3927f510fbb


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