Another Week, Another Designer Collaboration

Something like waiting for a bus, after a quiet few months on the designer collaboration front, this week saw the announcement of not one but three upcoming collaborations all at once.

Following the success of their pairing with Isabel Marant, it was only a matter of time before H&M thought up another frenzy inducing partnership. Interestingly however, this time, rather that pairing with a behemoth luxury design house as with previous collections, they’ve pipped for the rather contemporary Alexander Wang. Whilst he’s quite the darling of the fashion industry it’ll be interesting to see how someone know for a easy, slouchy, contemporary aesthetic will translate his designs for the high street. A luxe t-shirt, sweatshirt or bomber are all staples but without the expensive fabric to give the pieces the luxury factor, how will the designs hold up against H&M’s own offering of sports inspired basics. Whilst a collaboration with him through Balenciaga may have produced more inspired silhouettes, it will be interesting to see how the collection plays out none the less.


A collaboration that’s more intriguing is the pairing of Banana Republic and Roland Mouret. Renowned for his beautifully cut dresses, designed with flattering the female form in mind, Mouret has said “It’s not a copy of my clothes in a less expensive [version], but the experience of a fitted dress for the Banana Republic customer.” Banana Republic are already apt at producing quality  (for high street standards), well made garments so it’s likely that the collection will be quite successful with women looking to recreate the expensive, feminine look of the his famous Galaxy dress.

The third major collaboration of the season is between Mary Katrantzou and Adidas, promising to be a commercial riot of print and vibrant hues. Known for her ultra feminine silhouettes and fantastical prints, Katrantzou will undoubtedly bring a rather fabulous dimension to the sportswear brand. Whilst Stella McCartney’s line for the label follows a clean but expensive looking cut, Katrantzou’s can be expected to scream colour and digital prints. Launching in November, the collaboration is said to be long standing so we’ll have a few seasons for her to really get her teeth into the project. Gym attire is definitely about to get kicked up a notch!


Stay Tuned – Whether these collaborations are gorgeous or hideous, they’re definitely set to cause long lines, hysterical shoppers and endless headlines.


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